There is nothing quite like opening your Facebook to see an explosion of rainbows. I had to scroll a little into the Cave of Rainbows to realize this wasn’t publicity for a live-action My Little Pony; it was Americans, using their previous right of freedom of speech to gripe about America’s new right towards gay marriage. Words like “hate”, “hell”, “sin”, “unforgiven”, and the all-too-popular “#lovewins” were strewn across all my social media by lunchtime. Article after article about the in-depth look at what homosexuality looks like as a sin were linked by the profiles of my apparently opinionated friends. I promised myself I would stay quiet and keep my own opinionated self at bay, but here I am writing again. So here goes nothing. 

The hashtag really says it all, love truly wins. If you refer to my last post on love itself, you would realize I believe in this through and through. Love always wins. Here’s the stickler though- I believe that God’s love wins, not necessarily to rainbow-adorned men kissing on the street. “But homosexuality is a sin,” you say. “How could God’s love win when He just let a sin win?” (little tongue twister there, maybe we shouldn’t question God’s authority ;)) 

Let’s talk about sin for a minute. Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” That may seem slightly demeaning, but it’s true. We are all born sinners. We all make mistakes. I am a sinner. You, my dear reader, are a sinner. Homosexuals? Yeah, they’re sinners, too. Jesus was and is the only perfect man to walk this earth.

So, here’s my very own two cents. Gay marriage is legal; no amount of blog posts and tweets can undo that. Our country has made a major decision, just like when we freed slaves and let women vote. It’s just another thing to go down in the history books. Truth is, gay people have been marrying each other for years. The only difference is now they can get married in the eyes of the government, not just live together with wedding bands on their fingers. Obviously, my words can’t halt the never ending opinions, but I might as well throw my words out there, right?

I believe love wins, just like I said before. Love can be a strewn in beautiful words to lift someone up but it can also be said and thought of in disdain, like it seems to be now. I want to turn this around and only let the words of love lift people and encourage them. What if we dared ourselves to love the gay community like Christ would? What if we waved at a gay couple passing us by instead of turning our heads in disgust? What if we, as Christians, showed exactly how Christ-like we could be, and just loved? 

Here’s my dare to myself and to anyone who might want to jump on my little bandwagon, pull out that old WWJD bracelet from Vacation Bible School and wear it as a reminder to live like Jesus did. Jesus spent His whole life on earth serving and loving and preaching. He died a most painful death so our sin could be erased. Every. Single. Sin. Yes, including homosexuality. So, forget hating. Our job isn’t to hate or scorn or rebuke. Our job is to love like Jesus did. 

The hashtag is right, love wins.  


3 thoughts on “#LoveWins

  1. Amen, good word Ashleigh. It’s not our place to hate, that’s the opposite of what our reaction should be. We should be disgusted by the sin but loving toward the sinner..and remember it’s God’s love that wins…agh this post is too good


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