Modest Isn’t Hottest

Yes, that’s right, you heard me, modest isn’t hottest. I have grown up listening to that phrase as mom and I shuffled through endless racks of “booty shorts” and low-cut shirts, trying to find something that actually covered things. In fact, I’m probably not the only girl who has heard this and lived by it for so many years, trying to be modest in a hottest world. Well, while it’s intentions are pure, I don’t actually believe s sentence is true at all. Modest certainly isn’t hottest.   

See, when I think of the word “hot”, I think of exactly what the world wants you to think of; an attractive person, usually sporting a rather small amount of skin-tight clothes. I would never think of a young lady in an ankle length skirt, her only accessory being her Bible with the handmade cover. Modest just isn’t hot.


Back in middle school, I took this phrase to heart. I sported oversized t-shirts and cargo shorts every day, putting up a wall to ward off any boys. Now, going on 18, I thought I needed to wear more flattering clothes to confirm to the world that I wasn’t afraid of wandering eyes of teenaged boys anymore. Even typing that makes me cringe. Beauty doesn’t come from how perfect your winged eyeliner is or if you have the “right” body for a crop top (Yes, this article did show up on my Facebook. Yes, I was fuming.), in fact, it doesn’t come from the outside at all. Beauty comes from who you are, not who you wear.


You, lovely reader, are so beautiful. Wearing shorter shorts or tighter shirts so the football teams checks you out shouldn’t ever be validation for that. What if you waited for someone who really, really cared for who are are to come and sweep you off your feet? What if wearing longer shorts wasn’t being a prude, but remaining new, waiting for someone curious about your heart and your personality, to come along?


As a more popular verse, Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” It doesn’t say, ” I am fearfully and wonderfully made when I wear attractive clothes to get noticed.” You are always wonderfully made, despite your clothes, body type, relationship statues, anything.


What if being “hot” didn’t matter at all? The right One should come along, like your outside but fall completely in love with your heart. Let me tell you, the amount of people who look attractive, not because their hairstyle is in, but because their face is completely lighting up as they babble on about their passion is uncountable. It’s simple, your heart, your personality, your passion, these are what makes you oh-so-beautiful. Your favorite shirt will change, but your patience, loving spirit, compassionate nature, these things stay to flourish and grow with you.


So, modest isn’t hottest, but being hot is overrated anyway. Now, go, keeping putting the “U” in beautiful. Embrace your heart, share your passion, wait patiently for your One because I promise he’ll describe you as breathtaking, beautiful, gorgeous, passionate, and amazing, not just simply hot.


One thought on “Modest Isn’t Hottest

  1. Thanks for the post, Ashleigh! I can relate to it very well, as I have been through both of the stages you’ve described. I finally got out of the “trying to be unattractive on purpose stage,” lol, but I kinda got lost after that. C. S. Lewis actually has some great pointers about modesty in his book “Mere Christianity.” During his day, times were drastically changing as to what was appropriate to wear, and what was not. Since obviously the 1940’s were much more carefree in style of clothing than the Victorian era he had grown up in, he said to search your heart in order to figure out if what you are wearing passes the test of decency: are you trying to shock? Are you trying to be hot? Search your motives and determine if they are pure. And, always, if they would cause you or another person to stumble, don’t do it! 🙂


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