To you, my weary friend

He created us with limits so that he can be limitless. He made us grow tired so he can provide rest. While your burdens are a part of your story, they are not meant to be carried alone.


To: you

Hey ladies, this one is for you. This is for all of you who flip through Instagram, click through snapchats, or scroll down Facebook; this is for all of you who are stuck in the comparison trap. You see, I got myself stuck in the comparison trap just yesterday. I was scrolling through Instagram, a … Continue reading To: you


There is nothing quite like opening your Facebook to see an explosion of rainbows. I had to scroll a little into the Cave of Rainbows to realize this wasn’t publicity for a live-action My Little Pony; it was Americans, using their previous right of freedom of speech to gripe about America’s new right towards gay … Continue reading #LoveWins